Jeb and Chrissie are a laid back husband and wife team with over a decade’s experience in shooting weddings, events, studio and portrait photography. Always keen to offer a better solution to any problem, Jeb came up with the idea of starting with the concept of a regular photo booth and taking it to the next level. Thus the Studio Booth was born. We have brought the quality of a professional photographic studio, but in an unitimidating, user driven style. We have created something that not only helps to capture an event in a unique style, but ends up being part of the entertainment. Guests can instantly view their photo on a screen the moment they've pushed the remote trigger button. In addition to this, further big screens placed in the thick of the event, (often near the bar!) show the image just taken as well as a rolling slideshow of the images taken so far. We can supply props including, hats, glasses, photo frames and message boards and can cater for nearly any background colour or custom request.At weddings, the Studio Booth makes a great addition to your normal wedding photographer and continues to capture your special day long after most photographers have gone home.For corporate events, use a custom background or an overlay of your logo on each image to show your brand. Great for product launch parties, especially if you can get your product in the shot!The Studio Booth is great for any form of event. Contact us for further information.